Do it – RIGHT NOW!

Have you ever been scared…really scared?  I don’t mean the ‘butterflies in my stomach’ type of nerves we all feel when we have to make a big presentation.  I am talking about the sort of paralyzing fear that renders you unable to make changes when you know they must be made.

How many of us currently work where we work or do what we do as a result of this kind of fear?  If you are really honest with yourself, are you doing what you most want to do?  We all have our own personal passions.  Taking the sometimes large and scary steps to follow those passions though can seem virtually impossible.  But what if…

– What if you allowed yourself to dream about what could be?
– What if you made the choice to follow your heart toward your passion?
– What if you made connections with other like-minded people who all wanted the best that life has to offer?
– What if you stepped up to the edge of the cliff, looked down, and instead of seeing danger, saw a new world of possibilities?
– What if..the fear…just went away?

Where might you end up?

What a world this would be if we all were living our dreams and exercising our passion.  Start small.

Today, just once, do something you have always wanted to do, but have never tried because it was:

  • Embarrassing
  • Challenging
  • New
  • Different
  • Difficult
  • Scary

You will find that each time you step up and take that next shot, it gets just a little easier.  Give yourself the freedom to try, to dream, to live.  The payoff is unthinkable.  Be what and who you want…RIGHT NOW!

Right Now – (Words by Van Halen) [Some verses removed]

“Don’t wanna wait ’til tomorrow
Why put it off another day?
One by one, little problems
Build up, and stand in our way.

(Right now) Hey! It’s your tomorrow
(Right now) Come on, it’s everything
(Right now) Catch your magic moment
Do it right here and now
It means everything

It’s what’s happening!
Right here and now
Right now, it’s right now
Tell me, what are ya waitin’ for?”


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