What does it take to lead?

I know I keep coming back to this theme, but everywhere I turn I am struck with the same thought.  The reason that so many of our organizations, even our society in general, are lacking true leadership is because to really be a leader takes 1 thing…courage. It can be incredibly challenging to put yourself out there, share your ideas and hope that others will follow.  Let’s face it, that is always a risk.  Just because you want to lead, does not imply that you will have followers.

The video below perfectly exemplifies true leadership and the process by which a leader is created.  One of the key points I found in here is that one of the most important roles that an individual can take in a leadership situation is that of the “first follower.”  In some ways, this person is even more critical to the success of the leader than the leader herself.
Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy


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