Step up to the plate!

Have you ever noticed how interlaced our language is with sports-related metaphors?   It seems all around us we are bombarded with someone claiming they “hit one out of the park” or they did so well that they “lapped the field.”  With that in mind, I wanted to offer my contribution to sports metaphors in the job search environment…

Many of us are currently struggling to find the career and life that activates our passion. But how do we do that? It’s important to remember that searching for that elusive dream job is a marathon not a sprint. Along the way you are going to run up against all sorts of hurdles.  Undoubtedly there will be times when you feel like you were hit from the blinside. Looking for a satisfying and fulfilling career is a lot like baseball.  To be successful you have to get into the game, step up to the plate, and take your swings. From time to time you may strike out, but unless you go to bat for what you want, you will never reach your goals. If you are really lucky and the odds are in your favor, you will eventually find yourself as the front runner in the race for the position of your dreams.  Then, from out in left field you may take another shot.  This is when it is most important to get up off the canvas, dust yourself off, and win one for the Gipper. Remember, the game of life is not a level playing field. When you are feeling like all is lost and the only way to keep going is to drop back 10 yards and punt, crank up your energy one more notch and go for the win. With some good coaching and a bit of luck, you will hit one out of the park and find exactly what you were looking for.  The ball is in your court, what you choose to do with it is up to you.  Live your passion and give it 110% and you will be amazed at what comes your way.

As for me, I’m going fishing for some more metaphors.

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