Dare to Choose

Several years ago, I worked with a large organization in the midst of some substantial structural changes.  Over the course of several months, as we re-created their entire foundation and processes, we came together to develop agreements about what we believed was necessary for each individual, and by extension the organization, to be successful.  I have held on to this and shared it many times since.

Dare to Choose

  • Choose your attitude every day
  • Choose how you will interact with colleagues
  • Choose How you will interact with customers
  • Choose to make a difference
  • Choose to speak up when you see a change that needs to be made
  • Choose to grow and excel professionally

Find It

  • A vision comes alive only when it is personalized by those who work in the vision community.  This happens when each of assumes responsibility for finding our IT inside the vision.
  • What are you doing to create your vision?
  • To what are you truly committed?
  • What is your role inside the vision of your community or organization?
  • What does success look like?
  • How will you support others and ask them to support you in keeping from backsliding as you make progress toward your goals?

Live It

Every day we are presented with countless opportunities to recreate our vision…vision moments.  Once we have found our role in the vision, we must commit to living it by living fully the naturally occurring vision moments.

Every day, commit to dedicating your efforts to defining and advancing the vision you are creating and in supporting others in their efforts to strengthen the vision.

Coach It

By creating an atmosphere where it is not only ok but our responsibility to give and receive feedback, we make the daily adjustments necessary to keep the vision strong.

Principles of coaching

  • Coaching can occur at any time, in any situation
  • Coaching can occur by anyone to anyone, it is not specific to hierarchy
  • Coaching is not a punitive action, but instead a supportive engagement between two people working toward a common vision
  • Coaching must go on continually for individuals and organizations to continue to grow and improve.

Contact Touchstone Career Coaching for a free job search strategy consultation and to begin developing your career vision.


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